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Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Antin, David Jacob  11 Oct 1886Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11672
2 Antin, Hyman  Abt 1860Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11835
3 Antin, Julius  15 Dec 1906Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I12306
4 Antin, Pauline  15 Apr 1896Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I25325
5 Azrylewitz, Abraham  Abt 1913Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I5994
6 Azrylewitz, Khana  1902Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I7672
7 Balaban, Samuel  2 Dec 1883Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I242
8 Dorman, Briena  Abt 1870Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I5990
9 Dorman, Isaac  15 Jul 1867Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I5992
10 Dorman, Jacob  7 Dec 1897Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I16344
11 Dorman, Morris  19 Aug 1890Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I5998
12 Dorman, Moshe  13 Aug 1873Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I5991
13 Kelmanson, Joseph  12 Jul 1902Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I12178
14 Kelmanson, Rose  17 Sep 1896Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I12153
15 Kelmanson, Sarah  29 Jul 1903Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I12179
16 Kitzes, Boruch  1882Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11379
17 Kitzes, Efraim  Abt 1848Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11367
18 Kitzes, Nathan  23 Apr 1892Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I10542
19 Kitzes, Philip  24 Jan 1922Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I10544
20 Kitzes, Rachel  18 Jun 1888Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11381
21 Kitzes, Sara  Abt 1895Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11380
22 Kitzes, Sarah Reba  16 Nov 1894Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11671
23 Kitzes, William  31 Dec 1894Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11378
24 Popelowsky, Fannie  1899Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I10543
25 Shurer, Moshe  6 Oct 1924Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I177
26 Shurer, Yochanan  1 Apr 1895Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11382
27 Spector, Miriam  1889Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Kitzes, Efraim  Abt 1914Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11367
2 Kitzes, Jacob  Abt 1895Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I12265
3 Kitzes, Tsherna  Abt 1924Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I202
4 Nirenberg, Haya Malka  1917Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11368

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Antin, Pauline  12 Apr 1897Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I25325

Fact 1

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 1    Person ID 
1 Kitzes, Sara  14 Mar 1922Dzhurin, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine I11380